European roulette

Players can make 5 types of bets on European Roulette. Each type offers a different payout and chance of winning. Those new to the game of roulette may start with an Outside Bet, which carries less risk but pays smaller payouts. However, more experienced players may want to stick with an Inside Bet, which has a higher payout and lower house edge. This article will discuss each type of bet and explain how to choose it wisely.

The first type of bet is the Straight-Up bet, which pays 35 to one. Aside from this bet, players can also make a Street bet. The Six-Line bet covers two adjacent rows of numbers. The chips placed on the row are separated by a line. There are a staggering number of possible bets in European roulette. To maximize your chances of winning, you should memorize all of the different betting options, payouts, and odds of winning.

Players can also place a Straight-Up Bet on any single number. This bet pays 35 to one and is commonly used in casinos. Another popular bet is the Column Bet, which pays 35 to 1. This bet has the highest payout and offers the highest chance of winning. If you are new to European roulette, the first step is to learn the odds and payouts. You should also study the table layout so you can choose the best bets for your strategy.